Venue Search

Typically the most difficult and frustrating part of the process of hosting a great casino party. We will be working with you if you choose, in finding and negotiating deals for space. You’re not in this alone.

Space Planning

Every casino event space has unique layouts. We will walk the venue with you and assist in the space planning of your entire event.



Event Planning

From inception to completion, we will be along your side in helping you plan your evening, if you choose. Assisting in finding vendors, creating sponsor packages and working at the event so you can enjoy your evening with the least amount of stress.

Event Management

We will be at your event throughout the evening to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. If there is something that goes awry, we will handle it so you can continue entertaining your guests.


We can facilitate staging capabilities for your events. Be it a conventional need, a live band, or other entertainment, we will be there to help build a stage, integrate AV needs, and more for you!

Sponsor Decals

Would you like your event to have corporate sponsor representation? We will assist in developing strategies with you to maximize this component and place your sponsor logos on the casino tables in a unique and visible manner.


Transform your venue! From large 3D dice to 8 foot tall playing cards, and oversized Welcome to Vegas signs, we have a supply of goods for your casino party.

Delivery & Pickup

We have a dedicated team that will be punctual delivering and setting up all casino table rentals and will promptly break down and remove all casino table rentals as soon as you tell us to get out!




Yes, the first thing you discuss when running a charity event. “Who’s going to be our sponsor to help with overhead?” Well, we have a team with over 20 years’ experience in negotiating sponsorship deals with sports teams, events, business organizations, and more. We will walk you through developing a strategy of achieving the most sponsor dollars for your casino party fundraiser and may point you to a few contacts while we’re at it…..

We will create sponsor decals for our casino gaming tables to ensure your sponsors are getting visibility with the class you desire.

Fundraising Programs

Creative fundraising at your casino party is critical to the success of the event itself and allows you to assess if the time spent throwing the casino party was worthwhile. There are many strategies to implement at the casino event itself, after your attendees have arrived and paid for their ticket. We will walk you through numerous options to maximize your revenues…..and no, we won’t list them here! You just have to pick up the phone and then you can pick our brains.


Live Music

From small events to large corporate gatherings, we have what you need. From the Master Frank Sinatra style musicians to Big Band, you will be more than happy with our entire team of musicians on call for our events.


This is a great service for many of our casino events and our DJ will bring their own equipment and, of course, take requests…


Do you want an Elvis? Perhaps a global traveling musician, or a Mobile Photo Booth


We have complete staging capabilities for your events. Be it a convention need, a live band, or other entertainment we will be there to help build a stage, integrate AV needs, and more for you!


Skilled Dealers

We can bring you the nicest casino table rentals on the planet, but if we put a dud behind the casino table, the experience just isn’t the same. Each one of our dealers is energetic, outgoing, professional, and most importantly, knowledgeable of every game we supply. They are willing to teach novice players, and can keep up with the professional card sharks. Oh, did we mention we look good? White tuxedo shirts, black bow tie, and black slacks. But if you’re throwing a costume themed casino party, let us know and we’ll dress up too.




Every great casino party needs some great food. We have partnerships with over 12 local catering companies and restaurants, and each will provide a custom menu for your special casino themed event. We add value to your casino party planning process by teeing up the best deals for you.





We know which professional bartenders/mixologists are perfect for your casino party.

Servers for your players will also be available and serve drinks with a smile.

Liquor Partners

Yes we have quite a few. We will assist in helping you find some sponsors for your casino party so you can eliminate some hard costs!