Table measures 8 ft long x 4 ft wide x 3.5 ft high

Casino quality speed cloth layout. This roulette table is ideal for fundraisers or use by clubs and organizations. The Wheel is 28” and made of rich mahogany.

Did you know?

Roulette, meaning “little wheel” in French, is another popular game of chance amongst casino patrons. It’s a game whereby a wheel containing 38 numbered slots is spun and players win if the ball lands in the slot of the number or group of numbers they have chosen. Some believe it originated in China, others believe Ancient Rome, and some credit its creation to European traveling carnivals of the 1500s.

The first creator of the Roulette wheel known in today’s game was a French Mathematician named Blaise Pascal who lived in the 17th Century. It was first played in game format in England in 1720. In the early 1800s, Roulette made its way to the United States via European settlers. The wheel was changed in 1842 by brothers Francois and Louis Blanc, who removed the double (00) and made it a single (0) wheel. The famous number display showing previous spins was invented in 1993 by Ron Shelly and is used today in every single casino in North America. Today, its popularity is much stronger in Europe, but Roulette continues to be a game played by millions because of its simplicity and elegance.