Non-Profit & Fundraisers

A casino party fundraiser is a popular and profitable way for charitable organizations to raise money. Every successful casino party fundraiser has one thing in common – lots of people in attendance! If people show up, they’ll spend money, which means your charity will benefit substantially. Non-profit organizations especially enjoy the casino party model for fundraising because their benefactors are easily entertained while donating money. Our casino night fundraiser has the look and feel of a real las vegas casino! The only difference is that the dealers do not accept real currency at the casino gaming tables.

♤ At entry, your guests will receive a pre-determined amount of “FUN Money,” supplied by Black Tie Casino Events.

♤ Black Tie Casino Event FUN money is exchanged at any casino gaming tables in exchange for casino-style chips.

♤ Betting limits and chip values are displayed at casino gaming tables and are determined by your committee.

♤ We assist our Non-profit clients by implementing proven fundraising strategies that will raise additional money for the organization/charity.

♤ Choose Black Tie Casino Events for your next casino party fundraiser!