Table measures 6.5 ft wide x 3.25 ft deep x 3 ft high

Our blackjack tables feature black folding wooden legs, a padded armrest, a padded wool playing surface, and a built-in chip tray with money slot.

Did you know?

Blackjack is considered the most popular casino game played by casino goers who are all hoping for the elusive 21! The game is said to have originated in Italy in 1440 and was called “Thirty-One.” The objective of the game was to get 31 points from a hand of three cards.
With various versions being played in Europe, it grew in popularity the early 1600s and was played mostly in Spain with later references that trace it to France. The French version had more similarities with today’s game and the objective of the game was to get to 21 points, rather than 31. Modern Blackjack came to America in 1789, after the French Revolution and became popular at once.
The government realized that gambling was becoming an epidemic shortly thereafter its introduction, so it was banned by the US government at once. In 1931, gambling was legalized in Nevada and gamblers began to flock to Las Vegas to beat casinos out of big money. Card counting techniques, books, and gambling systems appeared in 1958 and the game has been a staple in every casino ever since.